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Comcon provides consultancy services for industrial automation solutions design and implementation. Services provided by Comcon may include all or specific parts of a Full-Stack application - ranging from front-end over middle-ware to back-end design and relational or time-series database implementations.

In large system applications Comcon gladly accepts cooperation with other suppliers and end users to provide optimal solutions for the customer. The consultancy services delivered by Comcon may include Know-how, design, programming and custom program module development to solve specific tasks.


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Comcon has more than 30 years of experice in providing designing and automation solution services for public utility and industrial companies:
  • Application design and development
  • Library and AIP design implementation (OpenAPI, OData)
  • SQL database design and Entity model (ORM)
  • Programing languages (VB, VBA, C#, C, C++, JS, TS, Svelte)
  • GE iFIX SCADA System, Historian og Plant Applications
  • Kepware KepServerEX OPC communication server
  • Experience with Docker and NodeJS


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Comcon has provided design, programming and consultancy services for wide a range of automation solution applications - including:
  • Access Control Systems
  • Protocol Drivers and OPC Servers (S7-TCP, MODBUS, COMLI etc.)
  • HMI applications for Machine Automation
  • Systemdesign for SCADA Systems
  • iFIX SCADA og Historian solutions
  • iFIX RTE (Runtime Environment) design and implementation
  • GE Plant Application OEE calculations and visualisation
  • Historical data collection from remote pump controllers
  • Weight Control Systems
  • System Integration Modules

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